2 Divas & 2 Dimes

Coming May 2011, I along with literary partner in crime Samara King will be bringing bi-monthly, affordable writing workshops straight to your computer! 2D2D Workshops are for those writers who are just getting started, for writers who want to continue honing their craft, and for those writers who are always on the lookout for a way to keep the spark in their creative lives.

Here is a list of workshops we will be doing from May 2011 through 2012:
  • May 2011 - The Creative Journey
  • July 2011 - Writing Poetry
  • November 2011 - The Writing Voice
  • January 2012 - 8 Questions for Writers
  • March 2012 - Developing a Writing Strategy
  • May 2012 - The Making of a Character
  • July 2012 - Writing Strong Dialogue
  • September 2012 - Writing the Scene: Essentials
  • November 2012 - Sensuality

In the next month, we will be providing more information regarding the workshop format, description for each workshop, and payment options (oh, FYI, workshops--as I said--are very affordable, $20!).