Monday, January 3, 2011

What Is a Good Book with Author L. Anne Carrington

This month at ALL THE BLOG'S A PAGE, we're talking to authors about "good" books--particularly their definitions of a good book and how their latest releases constitute that good book. Up first is author L. Anne Carrington, whose 5-star reviewed novel, The Cruiserweight, blends a little love and romance with wrestling.

Brett and Karen come from two separate worlds with one common interest that brought them together - wrestling.

Brett Kerrigan is a smaller than average cruiserweight wrestler who loves to entertain the crowds, giving it all for his fans throughout the world. In spite of his size, Brett proves he can be as strong, quick and fierce as his larger competitors. Away from the spotlight, he struggles with being taken seriously as a wrestler, backstabbing co-workers, and power hungry management.

Pittsburgh-based sports journalist Karen Montgomery has followed wrestling since her teens. An acclaimed article printed one year earlier won a prestigious sports press award, and, when several attempts to arrange a personal interview with Brett are thwarted, she almost gives up attempting to meet her idol without the help of her editor, Greg Sullivan. One fateful night after a wrestling event, Karen has an unexpected encounter with Brett in a hotel lounge - ending in getting her sought-after interview with him.

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