Monday, January 5, 2009

Books on Sale

In the early 2000s, I was blessed enough to write two great books with JDaniels, Luv Alwayz: The Opposite Sex & Relationships and Draw Me with Your Love. We both still receive comments from people who have read these books, and now, you can buy both for $3 each at Zanestore!

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Lies, abuse, infidelity, sex, intrigue, international romance - a cornucopia of events play out in the relationships of Luvalwayz, a novel that intertwines the tales of three couples, brought together by friendship and love:

Christopher and Tamara are in a relationship already strained by emotional baggage...will sexual indiscretions ruin them?

After years of hiding the pain of abuse through being loose, ghetto sistah extraordinaire Shameika - with the aid of the militant yet soulful brotha, Jamal - try to break through her past to finally reach 'happily ever after'.

When straight-laced, professional Deandra finds out that her sister has been kidnapped, she seeks the aid of playa of the year, Stephen to help in the rescue, but it is Deandra who might need rescuing...from Stephen.

[purchase here]

In the second installment of their cutting-edge romantic trilogy, Shonell Bacon and JDaniels continue to explore the effects past lives and lies have on the potential for everlasting love.

Roxy Winters, the notorious younger sister of Luvalwayz's Deandra, returns in Draw Me With Your Love, this time with a romantic adventure of her own. Fresh out of college and ready to pursue her passion for art, Roxy takes a job at a trendy Manhattan gallery. Persuaded by her boss and confidante to attend an arts event on a cruise ship, Roxy develops more than just professional appreciation when she encounters the up-and-rising artist Antoine Billups. As the ship arrives at the dock, Roxy and Antoine's budding romance is cut short -- by their return to land as well as Roxy's hesitation to open her heart. Experiences, lovers, and friends come into play as the two face the challenge of overcoming their past mistakes and present fears in their quest for love.

With their unique collaborative writing style, Shonell Bacon and JDaniels present both male and female sides of relationships, lending unparalleled insight and honesty to this exciting series.